• “I owe a great deal to Ecole Polytechnique; today I am proud and happy to give back what I do well: set up venture capital funds, help entrepreneurs grow, and build technological champions.”

    Denis Lucquin​
    President Polytechnique Ventures​

  • "The assets of this adventure? The energy of students and young alumni in search of meaning and passionate about innovation, the benevolence of a trusting and rigorous ecosystem, the power of knowledgeable multidisciplinary research!”

    Cécile Tharaud
    Managing Director

Polytechnique Ventures

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee’s mission is to advise and enlighten the Polytechnique Ventures team on investment opportunities. It supports the team from project selection to divestments and meets with start-ups for which an investment is considered. It is composed of venture capital professionals:
Jean-David Chamboredon, Co-Founder and CEO of ISAI Gestion;
Bernard Daugeras, Co-Founder of Auriga Partners; and
Antoine Guarrigues, Co-Founder of Iris Capital.

Moreover, the below members are permanent guests:
– The Ecole Polytechnique Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
– The Director of the X HEC Berkeley Entrepreneurship Master; and
– The President of X Creation.

Strategic Committee

The role of the Strategic Committee is to analyze and advise the Polytechnique Ventures team on the proper functioning of the fund. More precisely, it is called upon to review the quality of reporting and information sent to shareholders, to monitor the investment policy and to oversee recruitment. It is made up of private equity and entrepreneurship experts:
Pierre Bontemps, Chairman and CEO of Coriolis;
Dominique Gaillard, Chairman of France INVEST and member of the Executive Committee at Capza;
Patrick de Giovanni, Partner of Amboise Partners and former Partner of Apax Partners;
André Lebrun, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arcole Industries.

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